XII International Rangeland Congress – Adelaide, Australia, June 2-6, 2025

The aim of the International Rangeland Congress is to promote the interchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of rangelands: research, planning, development, management, extension, education and training.
For the fulfillment of this aim an International Rangeland Congress shall normally be held every 3-5 years for the purpose of presenting papers and reports, organizing symposia and conducting pre- and post-Congress tours.
The objectives of each Congress are as follows:

  1. to attract the “people” from the rangeland community throughout the world;
  2. to provide a program which is innovative and challenges values and paradigms;
  3. make participants think about how they think about rangelands;
  4. offers high quality communications;
  5. provides a positive and interactive environment for:
    • multidisciplinary participants; and
    • a wide range of land uses