Procedure for Receiving Congress Bids

The President shall receive proposals for hosting the next Congress.

  1. To be accepted for consideration, the proposals must conform to Continuing Committee guidelines.
  2. All proposals from potential host countries or sponsoring organizations must be received by the preceding Congress.
  3. The President shall put the names of the proposed host countries to vote by the members of the Continuing Committee by correspondence. The names will be accompanied by details of the facilities that can be offered by these countries for the holding of the Congress. If one country receives two thirds or more of the votes, that is not less than twelve out of seventeen, the country shall be elected as the host for the next Congress.
  4. If no country receives a clear two thirds majority by the time of the Final Business Meeting, the President shall put the names of the countries before the Final Business Meeting for voting according to Clause 7 using secret ballot papers which will be issued to the voting members by the President of the Continuing Committee;